I have nothing against Desmond Elliot –Soul E

5 years ago

During the New Year, singer-turned-pastor, Soul E, posted some prophecies on his Facebook page which was welcomed with criticism. Most of the critics were of the opinion that he was seeking for attention.

Among his prophecies was the fact that popular Nollywood actor-turned-politician, Desmond Elliot, has a very slim chance of winning the forthcoming Lagos State House of Assembly election.
In a chat withSaturday Beats, he claimed that his prophecy is from God and denied that he is seeking for attention.

He said, “I have nothing against Desmond Elliot, we are not friends and we are not enemies. When I prophesy, I don’t do it because I want attention, neither do I do it because I want people to listen to me. By the grace of God, last year, we went to 17 nations preaching the gospel.

Prophecy is for prayers and for people to know the mind of God. It amazes me the way Nigerians abuse men of God over prophecies. I am not saying that Desmond Elliot will win or not but what I saw in the vision was that he has a very slim chance of winning. His case is like a camel passing through the eye of a needle. I spoke in parables but when I saw it online, they claimed that I said he would lose. I really don’t care.”

The pastor also said this year’s election would be full of surprises and that it would be a replica of the June 12, 1993 election.
“There were so many things I saw but did not post online. I saw so many top comedians retrogressing while the young ones will come up because of their pride. Because they have sold out shows with a lot of people attending, they have become proud, forgetting that the same God that put them up can bring them down. I also saw that this election will spring up a lot of surprises and it will be like June 12. This election will not be different from the 1993 election because the person that will truly win will not get on the throne,” Soul E said.

Reacting to his comment, Desmond Elliot via a text message toSaturday Beats, said that he is sure Soul E has a reason for his utterances.
He said, “If he said that, I am sure he has his reasons. I count myself blessed and fortunate to be given the opportunity to even aspire, scale through the primaries and contest. And when victory is given, I will be humble enough to render service to my constituents and state. What an honour indeed.”

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