'I have no hand in documentary of 'dirty love triangle between Pres. Jonathan, Patience & Deiziani' - Saraki

5 years ago

Find the statement below...
The attention of the media office of Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki has been drawn to a purported allegation by Peoples Democratic Party that Senator Bukola Saraki who is one of the leaders of All Progressives Congress and a crusader of change in Nigeria is sponsoring a "Dirty Love Triangle between President Jonathan, Patience and Deiziani.

Senator Saraki will like to state categorically without any iota of doubt that he is not aware of any love triangle between the President and the two women in question and therefore has not been, and he is not going to be involved in anyway, manner or process of commissioning of such documentary.

Senator Saraki has always centered all his argument on issues that affect the lives of Nigerians. Such issues include but not limited to unemployment, mismanagement of public funds, and non-implementation of the budgetary provisions just to name a few. These are the things that affect Nigerians and as a Senator of the Federal Republic these are the issues Nigerians want the Senators to debate and not the private affairs of Mr. President.

On the contrary it has been PDP that has been attacking the private lives of our presidential candidate and personal affairs of our leaders in the APC . We have maintained a certain respectable decorum in both the use of language and material in every campaign.
Senator Saraki is aware that the reason
why the PDP is pushing such a ridiculous story is because it has been the trademark of the PDP of recent to blackmail members of the opposition with spurious and cooked-up allegations. For the avoidance of doubt we have concrete evidence at our disposal to the effect that the recent bad press Senator Saraki has been receiving lately surrounding an old issue of over a number of years involving a bank loan and company called Joy Petroleum, are directly orchestrated by the presidency particularly documents sent by email to the judiciary correspondents for their use.

Senator Saraki is aware that the PDP has been going around Kwara State bribing and begging people to partake in a documentary against him to cause disaffection in the eyes of the public having adjudged him a threat in the forthcoming general elections . So its funny to now hear that the same party that's organising such a documentary and from the beginning of this campaign have threaded on this dishonorable course using their own words should be accusing others of what they intend to do.

So this so called alarm on any documentary targeted at Jonathan, Dieziani is just diversionary tactics in preparation of what they intend to do.

As stated above Sen Saraki is not aware of any "love- triangle" existing but unless PDP is aware of something the public is not aware o , otherwise this is baseless and lacks substance. I want to reassure all our supporters that as you know this is not our trade in stock and should disregard this false alarm.

Senator Saaki will like to warn all those still scheming to carry out this false documentary on him that he will fight back and legally defend himself and warn those in glass houses whose past particularly as regards their private lives is not honorable should steer clear and be warned .

We have restrained ourselves not because we don't have the capacity but because we have pledged that this election will be about issues.

Senator Saraki wishes to congratulate Kwaran's both those in APC and those who are not but have equally rejected such evil offer because it is glaring that Nigerians are more concerned about issues that matter to them such as how to get jobs for their children, food on their table and security of their lives and properties and not the "DIRTY LOVE TRIANGLE OF THE JONATHAN'S or any of the derogatory attacks and documentary against opposition being sponsored by PDP.

Senator Saraki once again like to assure his supporters not to be deterred. Our concentration must be on the task ahead which is to vote massively for APC comeMarch 28th and April 11th.

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