Joe Jackson writes an Open letter to Janet Jackso

6 years ago

Open letter to Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson’s father Joe Jackson took to his
personal website to pen an open letter to her telling
her even though he’s never said it, he’s very proud
of her. See the letter below:
Janet, the youngest in the family is very very
smart. She was more like a tough kid. She
was real rough. I mean she was rough. What
do they call them… yes … tomboy. She was a
tomboy. She could whop all the girls. Really
rough and really really smart. She is really
easy nowadays. She has mellowed. She is
now married and living a good life with her
I always felt that she was a natural when it
came to acting. She did that movie, with the
late Tupac Shakur. I thought it was a very
good movie, and I was very proud of her
performance. As great and known as a singer
as she is, I think the world has yet to
recognize her extremely great talent as an
actress that surpasses her singing.
She wants to have a good part in a strong
action movie. I can’t wait to see her in one.
She did surprise me once, picking me as her
date to the premiere of the movie she did with
Eddie Murphy. Now Eddie is a great friend and
I consider him one of this generation’s
greatest comedians, but right in the middle of
watching the movie, as proud as I was of
Janet, I never let her know that. She asked me
what I thought and I remember telling her “You
should be bigger than this. You should be the
lead actor in the movie and carrying it”. I
know the comment upset her, because she
became quiet and I knew it. But i know her so
well, that I knew she was going to channel that
anger to prove that she could do better and
was right. She came back even stronger with
greater movies. And you have not seen the
best of her yet. That’s my girl.
When I suffered 4 strokes last year, and was
in the hospital recovering, only two people in
my family traveled all the way to see in the
hospital. My granddaughter Brandi (Jackie’s
daughter and my baby girl Janet. She sat right
next to me as I lay in bed, spent time with me,
talking about a lot together. It meant a lot to
me. I lay there listening to her as she talked
about how she was going to get married. I am
happy for her and wish her nothing but the
best ! I never tell you this, but I am proud of
you Janet.

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