Ladies, Get In!! See The 10 Things That Automatically Makes You A Bad Girl In Nigeria

3 years ago

It’s no news that Nigerians have a way of making assumptions and judging ourselves unruly without making any research, we just assume whatever it is palatable to us most especially when it comes to labelling someone as being bad.

Here are some things that make Nigerians tag a girl as bad girl.

Wearing skimpy clothing, if you are constantly wearing skimpy clothes you are a bad girl in a typical Nigerian mind.

There is something one can’t explain that automatically puts light skinned girls in the bad light, to most Nigerians basically all light skinned girls are bad girls that sleep around which is so ridiculous.

When a girl loves makeup and always want her face to be on fleek then she is a bad girl or a prostitute because it is believed she uses her face to sell her market I wonder who came up with that.

Having tattoos automatically puts a lady in the bad girl squad to most Nigerians

Drinking alcohol, it is believed that women should not drink anything other than soft drinks so once a lady drinks alcohol she is bad.

A girl having a lot of expensive stuff means she is a prostitute and they are sleeping around to get those expensive things, they ignore the fact that a girl can do legitimate work and buy expensive things for herself without sleeping around.

To most Nigerians, a lady that clubs is being tagged a prostitute because to them a well-trained lady shouldn’t club.

In Nigeria, it is believed that you have to stick to only your own gender as friends so once a girl is constantly been seen with guys automatically she is sleeping with them even if they are friends.

Having multiple piercings also put you in the bad girls’ gang to most Nigerians.

When a girl dates more that one guy within a year she is officially labelled an ashewo, they forget about moving on and finding love.


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