Important Information On MTN SME Data Share Service Purchased From Others

6 years ago

Update On MTN SME Data Share Service:

Hello fellow Waploadites,
A lot of people today are into reselling MTN SME Data Share bundles business including my humble self, which is a sort of succor to Android, Windows, iOS and USB Modem Internet subscription users, as you now get more data volume for less as compared to what MTN is offering on their HSI platform. A welcome development I must tell you.

However, I would like to point out two things you may not be aware on this MTN SME Data Share bundles, especially as you usually bought this data bundles from initial subscribers of this product. I am not trying to ask you to patronize me but it is a good thing you should know about this.

1. The data bundle you subscribed from someone DOES NOT carry a 30 days validity as we earlier made you to believed.
The life cycle of the bit-by-bit shared/sold data volume is tied to the 30 days validity available on the total given data volume by MTN. Let's say I bought my data bundle from MTN on the 13th of July, 2014, and you in turn bought some from me today 23rd July, 2014, your validity will be till 13th August, 2014, as against 23rd, August, 2014. With this scenario, the data sold out in bits by subscribers do not enjoy a separate validity period outside the parent data bundle from where you got your share.
Therefore, should you desire to use any reseller here, please ask them the day they purchase their data so that you wouldn't fall a victim of expecting your plan to expire in 30 days' time, but only be disconnected or your airtime wipe out in 2 days as the validity period of your reseller expires. Every genuine businessman and GOD fearing fellow should be able to tell you this truth. I hope you understand.
To check your data balance dial *461*7# or text Sharebalance to 131.

2. You can't make multiple subscription on the same MTN line from different resellers when you still have some data volume in your account from your previous subscription.
For those of you that may be thinking of extending your validity period by buying multiple data bundles on your line, please take note that any amount of data you purchased does not have any separate life cycle outside its mother's life cycle, which automatically rule out your attempts of extending the lifespan of your data bundles. If you are making a multiple purchases from the same person on the same line, your validity period will be tied to the same date of the parent validity, and you can only have your validity period extended if your provider have bought a new data plan from MTN.
But to make another subscription from a different reseller is NOT POSSIBLE when you still have left-over data volume in your account. To change your current reseller probably due to price differences, you just have to exhaust your old data plan before doing so. I hope you got it clear.

The scenario above was discovered as both a reseller and a subscriber, and therefore speaking to you from a practical point of view.

Just a reminder:
Before you buy your next subscription from any reseller, please ask them the date they purchased their current plan. It is very very important.
Also bear it in mind that the data volumes you buy from any reseller DOES NOT have any 30 days validity period. Its validity is between 1 to 30 days, depending on the date your reseller purchased his data bundles from MTN.

Thank you for reading.

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