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6 years ago

NOTE: Alexa traffic rank is simply a measure of a website popularity, compared with other websites. Alexa calculates a website rank by taking into record the number of visitors and page views it receives.

Alexa ranking is a top priority to every blogger and they work to improve their alexa rank just as they do to increase their SEO, pagerank and so on. This indicates how important alexa rank is.

In this post, i’ll be explaining the 7 easy ways to boost your blog alexa ranking. Note that the lower your alexa ranking; the better, and a blog with a good alexa ranking enjoys interesting benefits such as more advertisement opportunities (most advertisers uses the alexa stats to choose blogs to advertise on). Below are tested and perfectly working ways to boost your blog alexa ranking.

#1. Claim Your Website

If you haven’t done this already, this is the very first step to take. To claim your website you are required to sign-up to Alexa (which is totally free); once you’ve claimed your site you’ll be permitted to add a description and contact info. To claim your site on Alexa, follow the below steps:

- Signup for if you don’t already have an account (if you do, just login)
- Visit
- Input your domain name and click on “continue
- Verify the ownership by .A. Uploading alexa verification code to your site root directory OR Adding Alexa verification code to your homepage
You’ve successfully claimed your blog by verifying its ownership with any of the above method

You can now click on "edit site information" to add the title, description, contact info and select a country for your blog.

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#2. Update Your Blog Regularly

A regular updated blog isn’t only loved by search engines; it receives a reasonable alexa ranking. Updating your blog regularly doesn’t imply you update daily, but sticking to a particular posting schedule.

If you’ve chosen to update your blog only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, try as much as possible to be consistent with it. You can ease the process by writing on your free time and scheduling for the upcoming week. To update your blog regularly you need to store enough content ideas, i recommend you read the below articles; it’ll help you out with that.

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#3. Write Original And Quality Content

Boosting your alexa ranking doesn’t end at updating your blog regularly, those articles you update your blog with has to be original and of high quality. Always try to come-up with something interesting and your readers will certainly share it, hereby improving your SEO, blog traffic and alexa ranking as well. Focus on writing articles that are worth sharing.

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#4. Increase Your Blog SEO

Search engine optimization is no doubt very essential for your blog, without SEO your blog is most likely not to grow. Why do we practice SEO? We apply various onpage and offpage SEO techniques to our blog simply to increase its ranking on search engines in order to drive-in organic traffic.

Alexa ranking is calculated by the number of visitors and pageviews a website receives. The logic here is simple; you increase the SEO of your blog, gain more organic traffic and boost your alexa ranking. I’ve written a couple of SEO posts which i believe will help you out, check them out below:

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- 16 Good SEO techniques You Must Know Today

#5. Make Your Content Available On Social Sites

Your aim here is to increase the referral traffic of your blog and the easiest way to achieve that is to make your content available on social sites such as – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Delicious and so on. It’s also recommend to display social sharing buttons within your content to enable readers easily share them on their social sites.

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#6. Install Alexa Toolbar

Installing the alexa toolbar on your browser and browsing your blog from it helps boost your alexa ranking. Alexa toolbar is available for Firefox (3.0.9 and above), Chrome and Internet explorer. To install the alexa toolbar on Chrome & Mozilla –

- On your chosen browser, visit
- Click on “Install Alexa Toolbar
- Click on “Accept And Install
- Once the installation is complete, restart your browser and the alexa toolbar will be displayed
On the alexa toolbar you can view – alexa traffic rank of any blog, similar/related websites, search analysis, website review.

#7. Create Custom Alexa Toolbar

Create a custom alexa toolbar (free) and share it to your readers/friends. The more they install it, the more your blog ranking is being tracked and this helps in increasing your alexa ranking.

To create a custom alexa toolbar for your blog, login to your alexa account (or create one) then visit Follow the simple procedures and have your own alexa toolbar ready in minutes.

That’s all; the 7 easy ways to boost your blog alexa ranking.

Claim your blog
Update your blog regularly
Write original and quality content
Increase the SEO of your blog
Increase your referral traffic
Install Alexa toolbar
Create custom alexa toolbar

By applying the above techniques, your blog will definitely experience a better alexa ranking, We Have a Trick Upcoming That Will Be Posted Soonest To Teach You all You Need To Do to Claim Your actual Rank Within 1 Month.

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