What Broken Links Can do To Your Website

6 years ago

In this brief post i’ll be explaining what broken links are, its causes, disadvantages and how you can easily locate and remove them from your blog.

Broken links is one of the major problems that can bring down a blog and it seems to be getting more common today. It’s also very unfortunate that most web masters still don’t understand how dangerous broken links can be. Could it be that they don’t really know what broken links are and how it could easily destroy their business?

What Are Broken Links?
Broken links are simply hyperlinks on webpages which leads to error or non existing pages. The link could be internal (within your blog) or external (pointing to another blog) but once it’s broken, it causes same damages.

What Causes Broken Links?
Broken link can occur as a result of the URL you linked to being removed, changed, deleted or you simply had a typo while inputting the URL address. Having broken links in your blog is most likely not to be your fault. I know you link to external pages, if the blog owner removes those pages you linked to, the link automatically becomes dead and there’s no way you could have been notified.

Disadvantages Of Broken Links
Broken or dead links doesn’t have a single advantage; its work is totally to bring down a blog. Below are all of its disadvantages.

It Destroys Your Blog Navigation: Links are being provided on webpages to enable readers easily navigate from one page to another. If on your blog a reader clicks a link, expecting to land on the info he/she is searching for only to receive an error or blank page. The reader is 95% most likely to exit your blog. Broken links simply destroys the navigation system.

Downgrades Your Blog Ranking: For your blog to rank high on search engines, search bots will have to crawl and index its pages and the only way those bots can navigate through your blog to collect new pages is through links. If your links are broken, indexing your new pages won’t be possible, hereby downgrading your blog ranking on search engines.

Reduces Your Blog Traffic: As explained above, broken links destroys the blog navigation which in return scare readers away. Also it prevents search bots from indexing your pages in order to gain traffic from search engines. These two problems bring about low blog traffic. Your existing readers will fade away and you can’t gain traffic from search engines.

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