Get 5 Free Page Rank (9,8,6) Website Dofollow Backlinks.

6 years ago

I’ve been practicing search engine optimization (SEO) for quite a long time, long enough to know what works, what doesn’t and what seems to work but will only get your blog into trouble. From my experience, Backlinks are no doubt very vital in SEO.

A lot of things contribute to the search engine ranking of a blog but Backlinks plays a useful role. Most importantly, Backlinks from authority sites, these type of backlinks tend to carry more weight and produces powerful results. Therefore it is advised that when building Backlinks, one should totally focus on acquiring backlinks from high PR sites.

If you are new to link building, please read and memorize this; It is far more better to get 10 backlinks from high page-rank sites than 100 backlinks from low-quality pages. In link building, the only thing that matters is quality and not quantity, that’s right; QUALITY over QUANTITY.

So, in this post i will be showing you how to easily get 5 free PR9, PR8 and PR6 dofollow backlinks. Am sure that by now you must have known that these 5 authority backlinks i’ll be providing are worth more than tons of low-quality links.

#1. PR9 Backlink From Google Plus
Here’s a simple trick to get a do-follow backlink from Google plus which is a PR9 social networking and bookmarking site. Am sure you doubt if the link is really a do-follow, believe me, it is. To acquire a backlink from Google plus –

Move to the left sidebar of your Google+ account, click on “profile” then move to “about”
Scroll down to “your story”, click on “edit” and add your blog URL, all is done
The links on your Google plus profile are totally do-follow.

#2. PR9 Backlink From Pinterest
Pinterest is a top image sharing site with a PR9, but apart from gaining traffic by pinning images you could also get a do-follow backlink from pinterest. Here’s how to do so –

On your pinterest profile (info), you’ll see where to add your blog URL
Once you’ve added your link, verify your blog and save.
As simple as that, you’ve gotten a free PR9 backlink from pinterest.

#3. Free PR9 Backlink From YouTube
Getting a do-follow backlink from this top video based site is quite easy but you need to verify your YouTube account. To do that, firstly verify your blog on Google webmasters using the same Google account, then login to your YouTube account and move over to Follow the procedures to verify your account and once done, use the trick below to gain a do-follow backlink.

On your YouTube account, move to video manager – channel settings – advanced
You’ll find “associate website” space, that’s where you’ll enter your link.
Just like that, you’ve gotten a PR9 backlink from YouTube.

#4. PR8 Backlink From Storify is a PR8 website that allows you write stories, to get a backlink from them –

Signup if you don’t already have an account
Add a story (article), then add your link on the story (using anchor text)

#5. Free PR6 Backlink From Imgur is an image sharing site with a PR6. You can get a free backlink from your profile on this website. All you are required to do is create a free account with them, visit your profile and add your link.

Complete the above processes and you’ll have 5 authority backlinks pointing to your blog.

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