Why You Must Not Build BackLink Too Fast

6 years ago

Link building is a very important part of search engine optimization. In order for your web pages to rank in search results or for you to get traffic to your blog via search engines, you need a lot of backlinks. But while building backlinks you should avoid building it too fast.

Although search engines rank web pages with many backlinks high, they will also penalize you if those backlinks were built quickly. This is because search engines consider those quick links to be spam. Emerging creating 100 backlinks in a day or within few minutes, search engines will believe such website / blog was created by bots and may penalize you by hurting your website / blog ranking or removing your web pages totally from search results.

Avoid building your backlinks too fast and focus on quantity and consistency which is more vital. I know it’s not an easy task to build quality backlinks ( I totally agree with that ) but making search engines penalize you will definitely cost you more.

Also, not creating enough backlinks on daily basis may affect your ranking negatively, so it’s safer to be average while building links, atleast creating 25 backlinks a day and being consistent with it will really help your website / blog rank high. Search engines will much prefer a site that generates 25 backlinks a than a 400 links per day site.

Here are 3 good ways to build quality backlinks to your blog.

Guest posting: This is a great way to build high quality legal backlinks to your blog. You can do a quick search on Google to find blogs based on your niche that accepts guest posts. Tekytech is a very good example of such blogs, we accept tech, blogging and SEO related posts. Don’t forget to include your blog URL were necessary in your guest post and when approved by the blog owner, you’ve gotten a backlink.

Articles submission: You are already familiar with this method. It simply means submitting your original article to article directories with your URL in included in the resource box. Ezinearticles is a great article directory to start with. Articles submission is a great way to build permanent backlinks, although I spend much of my linking building time guest posting.

Blog commenting: Commenting on relevant blogs is another good way to build strong backlinks. Almost every blog that allows comments provides a field to include your blog URL while others display your blogs most recent post. Also try to be relevant with your comments, firstly go through the post you are commenting on.

Building backlinks constantly is a very good SEO method, but do not forget not to overdo it.

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