15 Legal Ways To build Backlinks To Your Website/Blog

6 years ago

Every web owner knows that building quality backlinks is not an easy task, link building takes a lot of time, patience and even research.

Back to the main point, in this post i will be listing out 15 easy ways to build legal backlinks to your blog. As a blogger you must have known the importance of backlinks, not only does it help your blogs ranking, it sends direct traffic. The below techniques will generate legal backlinks to your blog.

How To Build Backlinks To Your Blog

1. Write Quality Content - Focus on writing quality content for your audience, such content are well researched, original, straight to the point and provides solutions to a problem. Your readers are 100% most likely to share your content once they find it useful, hereby creating backlinks for you.

2. Post Regularly - Updating your blog regularly doesn’t mean posting daily, you can set-out certain days in a week to update your blog and be consistent with it. Most, if not all of those content you publish will get pingbacks and shares, so, more posts = more pingbacks / shares = more backlinks.

3. Write Tutorial Articles - This type of articles are always lengthy and gets lots of shares which equals to backlinks

4. Apply Blog Commenting - I agree it’s an old link building technique but it still works. To get the best out of blog commenting, comment on authority blogs

5. Join Forums - Join not less than 2 forums that are related to your niche, add your URL where allowed, take part in discussion, help other members in areas you understand deeply, it’s as simple as that

6. Submit To Article Directories - Submitting to article directories is another old technique but sure still works. Don’t forget to include your URL wherever necessary.

7. Submit Guest Posts - As a blogger searching for ways to build legal backlinks, you must have heard about guest blogging. To get the best out of this technique, only submit your guest posts to authority blogs

8. Interlinking - Interlinking is a powerful on-page seo technique, try as much as possible to interlink your posts. This technique doesn’t only keep visitors longer on your site, when you interlink an old article with a new one it helps notify search engines of your new post

9. Get Interviewed - Simply ask your blogger friends to interview you, you’ll definitely get a couple of links pointing back to your blog

10. Come-up With Something New - Research and come-up with something that doesn’t exist on the net already, it could be a solution to a certain problem. Be the first to write about it and let let other bloggers copy and link back to you

11. Social Bookmarking - This is probably one of the easiest link building technique, it’s all about making your content available on top social bookmarking sites

12. Link Exchange - When exchanging links, only go for authority blogs that are related to your niche

13. Pay For Links - This doesn’t imply buying backlinks, you can pay other top blogs on your niche to have a link on their blog pointing to yours

14. Social Networking - It’s similar to bookmarking, it’s all about making your content available on top social networking sites and have a link pointing back to the source

15. Link To Waploaded - If you really want other bloggers to link to you, link to them. You can start by linking to Waploaded.com.

These are the 15 easiest ways to get legal backlinks to your blog, am sure these techniques aren’t new to you (unless you are new to SEO). If you are already not applying these techniques, i recommend you start doing so.

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