For All Blogs beginner, Tips To Make your Blog Successful

6 years ago

Every blogger wants his / her blog to be successful, it’s the success of your blog that encourages you ( you will definitely get bored if your blog isn’t working out for you ). In order to be successful with blogging, you need to sit back, plan and think before starting your blog. Follow these tips to guarantee the success of your new blog.

Set your goals: This is the first step to take when planning to start a blog. Sit back and think, ask yourself the purpose of starting the blog, what you aim to achieve with the blog, if you start the blog where do you see it in the next few months or years. It is important to set your goals and know what you aim to accomplish before starting your new blog. Your blogs success pretty much counts on this.

Target your audience: Know whose problem you will be solving in your blog, what kind of people you are expecting to visit your blog ( this is determined by your blog niche ). Once you know your audience, design your blog and write your content to suit them.

Take for example, if you are planning to start a music blog, you should know that your target audience are mainly teens, your blog design should not be the same with a career site. Design your blog to replicate your niche and targeted audience.

Be interactive: You should start learning early on how to interact better with your readers. You can do so by allowing your readers post comments on your blog, so you can know their own opinion, and always reply their comments.

This makes a reader to be comfortable with your blog. Interacting with your readers also shows them that you have great value for them and this will really affect the success of your blog positively. Just try as much as possible to keep the conversation going and not just writing posts without knowing what your readers think.

Keep your blog lively: Always try to keep your blog updated with new posts. Your readers expect to see new stuffs each time they return to your blog. Always keep your blog up to date with fresh posts, but don’t forget to write interesting and informative posts which will hit straight to the point.

Don’t write scraps in the process of updating your blog frequently, but always search for ideas to combine and give your readers exactly what they want and when they want it.

Social visibility: Make your blog available in social networks like Facebook, Lagbook ( mostly Nigerians ), Twitter, Linkedin and others. Also bookmark each of your post with top bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious, and so on to increase your social visibility.

These are what you need to do to assure the success of your new blog. If you are planning to start a new blog and you are still confused about certain stuffs, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or send a direct email to me through the contact page ( I forgot to mention this in the blogging tips, “ don’t be afraid to ask your fellow bloggers for help when you are not clear on certain issues ” ). Good luck with your new blog.

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