Complete Free SEO Guide For Beginners

6 years ago

This is the first post in the SEO guide section of Waploaded, so, I’ll like to start by explaining what SEO is all about. I tried as much as possible to summarize the major aspects of search engine optimization in this post. Read on my beginners guide to acquire basic knowledge on SEO.

What is SEO ( search engine optimization )

Search engine optimization can be defined as all the acts involved in promoting and generating traffic to a webpage.

Is SEO a must for my website & blog?

Yes! it is, unless you don’t want your traffic to come from search engines, social media and other websites. Search engines are the primary reason for SEO, as they provide free targeted traffic. If your website / blog is not included in search results then you are really missing lots of targeted traffic. In order to get your blog and its content show on search results or rank, you need SEO.

Why search engines

As I said earlier, search engines provide targeted traffic and the traffic is totally free. If you can get your website to the first page of search results based on your keyword, you stand a great chance to receive incredible targeted traffic.

( let me explain better using the Google search engine ). Once a query is generated on Google search ( when you search something on Google ), Google displays relevant results, those websites displayed on the first page are really taking in a serious amount of traffic. But in order for your website to show up in search results and drive you traffic, you need to implement some SEO strategies.

SEO process can be complex and confusing, but a little knowledge on it can help your website go far.

Aspects Of SEO

There are two aspects of Seo, which are on-page and off page optimization.

A: Off-page seo are those optimizations you do outside your blog, e.g. social bookmarking, social networking, guest posting, commenting and so on. It is mainly concentrated towards link building.

Link building: This is the process of building quality, legal and relevant backlinks to your site. There are no-follow and do-follow backlinks. No-follow backlinks are those that search engines cannot index while do-follow backlinks are the reverse. You should focus on creating do-follow backlinks for good results, and also avoid building those links too quick.

B: on-page seo are those you do in your blog e.g. creating quality posts, image optimization, interlinking, URL optimization and so on.

These are the basic things you need to know about search engine optimization. Seo is not that easy but you should see it as an investment which is to yield a high return.

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