How to Get Traffic From Twitter Easily

6 years ago

In this post, I will be sharing with you ways to get traffic from twitter. Twitter is one of the popular social media site which has been driving traffic to may bloggers. The most interesting part is it is that traffic from twitter is targeted and this means more comments to your blog.

If you have a new blog that is still waiting to be indexed by Google in order to start receiving organic traffic, you can still drive lots of traffic to your new blog using twitter while waiting for Google. Even if you are already getting traffic from search engines, you can still double your traffic using twitter. Below are proven ways to get high targeted traffic from twitter (if you are not already on twitter, join at ).

Focus on getting targeted followers: Targeted twitter followers are those that has the same interest as you do or share the same niche with you. If your twitter followers are targeted, they are most likely to read your tweets, retweet it and follow the link to your site for more info. You can get more targeted twitter followers by following users that share the same interest with you, and they will follow you back.

Also be an active twitter by retweeting and replying other relevant tweets. The more targeted followers you have, the more traffic you are likely to receive. So, focus on getting more and more targeted followers.

insert twitter button to your blog: You hardly find a visitor that will tweet your blog post manually after reading it. Make the process easier by adding tweet button in your blog posts. You can also use tools to automate tweeting of your posts. If you are on wordpress, there are lots of plugins to help tweet your post once it’s been published. Just make your posts available on twitter so that your targeted followers can see them.

Use hash tags: What the hash tag ( # ) does is to simply make people find your tweets when they search for relevant keywords. Try using # on your tweets, but don’t make it look spammy by overdoing it.

Also tweet at the right time, use tweets stats to know when your followers are mostly online. These tips will help increase your twitter traffic.

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