5 Places: To Get Good Ideas of Writing Quality Contents

6 years ago

Bloggers often run out of content ideas for their blog posts, especially those that base on unpopular niche. Popular niches like tech are quite easy to update as there are lots of trending stuff. For example, if a new gaming console is launched, tech bloggers will find it easy to write on it because the information and idea is already there.

But some niches don’t have much trending in it, therefore causing bloggers of such niches to run out of content ideas on the long run. So, if you are experiencing a similar problem or wants to prevent that from happening to you, below are where to get content ides for your blog posts.

5 sure places to get blog post ideas

1. Social networks: Stay updated with all happing in your niche by following blogs relevant to yours on social networks. You can check their social profiles ( facebook, stumbleupon, delicious, LinkedIn, reddit and so on ). Head to twitter and follow blogs in your niche, follow users who has the same interest as you do to stay updated with their tweets.

Find other social networks, sign up with them and follow users which share the same interest with you. If you are not so active on social networks, use the second method.

2. RSS feeds: The sole aim of this service is to keep readers updated with new posts on blogs they subscribed to. Search for blogs relevant to your niche and stay updated with all their new posts by subscribing to their feeds.

I believe each time you read a new post or just view the headline, you will start generating content ideas for your blog post. To find blogs to subscribe to, move over to Google and do a quick search on your niche. Only subscribe to regular updated blogs.

3. Yahoo answers: Am sure you must be asking “ how can I possibly get blog post ideas from yahoo answers ”. This is a site where users can ask and answer questions on topics they understand deeply. You can gather content ideas for your blog posts from yahoo answers by going through questions asked on your niche and then write articles to solve those problems.

Sign up to yahoo answers, browse their topics and select your niche, look for questions and write articles to solve it, it’s as easy as that.

4. Topsy social search:/b][ This site allows you track trending topics. Topsy is just like a search engine that gathers the latest happening all over the world. You can use this free service to search and find what is hot in your niche and write on it.

[b]5. Google alerts:
This is a free service from Google just as Google Analytics and others. You can keep up with all happening in your niche using Google alerts. Get started at http://google.com/alerts and monitor what is going on in your niche by simply adding your keywords. You can also follow other bloggers in your niche to stay updated with their posts and you will never run out of blog post ideas.

Keep your blog frequently updated by following the above tips. Also avoid copying any article, only collect ideas to write your own unique content. “Please ensure that others bloggers read this post”.

Let’s hear from you

Where or how do you get content ideas for your blog posts, what inspires you. Discuss in comments.

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