Why You Must Update Your Blog/Website Regularly

6 years ago

It is very important to be regular with things you consider serious in life, your job, business, name it. The same goes for blogging, if you are serious with blogging, then you should be updating your blog post frequently. Below are benefits that arise as a result of frequency in blog posting.

Increase In Targeted Traffic From Search Engines:

Search engines love blogs that are frequently updated, and such blogs get much traffic from them. Let me take the Google search engine for example, if you are updating your blog frequently with quality posts, each time Google bots crawls your blog, they find new pages to add to Google searchable index.

This increases the chances of getting your posts shown on Google search results when a search query is been carried out on the post keyword. The more pages you have, the higher your chances are. So, frequent updating of your blog will increase the traffic you get from search engines.

More Readers:

If a blog hasn’t been updated for long, it will only get few visitors or will not receive any visit at all. No one would like to return to such a blog, they may assume that the owner have forgotten or abandoned the blog and just waiting for the domain name to expire.

But when a blog is frequently updated, visitors will always find new and interesting things to read each time they visit. They will end up turning into potential readers by subscribing to your RSS feeds to stay updated with your posts. Regular blog posing turns your visitors into readers.

Readers Trust & Respect:

Readers will trust and respect your blog once they find out it’s always busy. New posts are been published, discussions are always going on in comments, this shows your readers how serious you are with your blog and they will trust, respect and give your blog a high value.

Returning Visitors:

A visitor visits your blog and finds an interesting post to read, he returns in few days time and still finds another great post to explore. The visitor will definitely keep coming back each time he needs an info on your niche, knowing that he will still find fresh posts to read. Regular blog posting increases the chances of visitors returning to your blog.

Increase In Post Sharing:

If you post to your blog once a week and receive 10 shares from that particular post, posting to your blog four times a week with each receiving same 10 shares gives you how many shares in total? Do the simple math and you will realize that frequent blog posting increases your post shares. When your blog is updated regularly, your readers sees new posts to share each time they visit.

Increase In Pagerank:

In order for your blog pagerank to increase, you need backlinks and quality contents. Now look at it this way, when you update your blog regularly with quality posts, each time your readers return, they find something new to share or bookmark and hereby creating backlinks for your blog. This means that frequency in posting increases your backlinks which is the key to a higher pagerank.

More Advertisers:

As I mentioned in the above points, frequent blog posting brings about increase in targeted traffic from search engines, increase in pagerank, more readers and these are what advertisers want. As soon as your blog gets a good pagerank, more readers and traffic, you’ll be surprised with the number of advertising requests you will receive.

Regular blog posting isn’t an easy task, but it will increase the success of your blog. It comes to a time when you’ll run out of ideas and start writing craps in order to post regularly, you can avoid that by staying updated with your niche topics on social networks, newspapers, TV, also read other blogs comments based on your niche to get fresh ideas on what to combine and write.

Let Me Hear From You

Do you support the regular blog posting option? Lets know how often you update your blogs. Discuss in comments.

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