Seo Techniques: 16 On Page And Off Page Techniques to Learn

6 years ago

In this post, i shall be listing out the most effective on-page and off-page seo techniques. Am sure you already have a hint on the definition of on-page and off-page seo, these are the branches of search engine optimization (SEO). On-page seo is all about optimizing your blog, its content, links, images and so on (on-page seo is done in your blog) while off-page seo are those optimization techniques you do outside your blog (e.g. link building).

On Page Or Off Page SEO, Which Is More Important

A lot of webmasters argue about this. In my opinion, on-page seo is more important as it doesn’t affect search engines alone, it touches your readers. But for your site to rank well on search results, you need to apply both on-page and off-page optimization. To ensure you don’t waste your precious time applying ineffective seo techniques, i have come-up with a list of on-page and off-page seo techniques that works for me.
On Page And Off Page SEO Techniques That Works

Now you’ve gotten a clue on what on-page and off-page seo are, let’s move to the main point. If you are still confused then i recommend you read my free seo guide for beginners to clarify you more on seo.

I have applied many on-page and off-page seo techniques and from my little experience i will list out the most effective ones so far.

Most Effective On Page SEO Techniques

If you love making your readers happy and improving their experience with your blog (like i do) then on-page optimization should be your favorite. Here are on-page seo techniques that works for me (they are ranked according to their effectiveness).

1. Interlinking (100% effective)

This is my favorite on-page seo technique, am sure you would have noticed that there are links on this post pointing to other posts on my blog, that’s interlinking. When writing a post, try as much as possible to include links to your other relevant posts, having at least 6-8 links pointing to other posts really works miracles.

This on-page seo technique helps search engines to better index your blog as search bots will craw from one link to another adding all your new pages to their searchable index. Interlinking also boosts your page views, how? Your readers can easily find other interesting posts to read without navigating to your category or homepage. Other importance of interlinking are: more readership, decrease in bounce rate, increase in page-rank, anchor texts.

If you haven’t been interlinking your posts you’ve missed a lot, but it’s still not too late. Start editing your old posts to include links to other pages and begin applying this technique to all your new posts. Tip: when interlinking, always link to relevant posts to get the best out of it.

2. Title, Meta Description, Keywords And Formatting (95% effective)

Your page title, meta description and keywords – This helps search engines place your content on the right place, it helps them determine what your content is all about. The title and description is also what searchers will see on search results. Ensure that you use enticing titles on your posts, highlight all the useful information in your meta description and use relevant keywords for better placement on search results.

Formatting – Post formatting is all about optimizing your content for search engines and readers, this includes: using header tags in your post heading and subheadings, ensuring that your text is not too tiny for readers eyes, including your targeted keywords in your post and highlighting them in bold or italics. All these makes your post more readable and search engine friendly. Tip: avoid stuffing your post with keywords, to get the best results, maintain keyword density of 5%-6% (depending on the length of your post).

3. URL Optimization (90% effective)

You can optimize your url for better search engine results by:

A: Having a good permanent link – An example of a bad url structure is and here is the good one The first example is the default permalink of new wordpress blogs, if your link structure is still like that you can change it by visiting “settings” – “permalinks”, use a permalink that includes your post title, category name or both for good results.

B: Canonicalizing your URLs – Canonicalize your urls to avoid duplication. If a page of your blog can be accessed through multiple urls, search engines will treat those pages as duplicate contents. If you are a wordpress user, you can canonicalize your urls by using an seo plugin (seo by yoast) or visit “general settings” in your dashboard, include the full url of your blog (e.g. and save. This redirects other versions of a page to prevent duplicate issues.

C: BONUS: Using breadcrumbs – Let visitors (and search bots) navigate your blog easily by enabling breadcrumbs.

4. Image Optimization (85% effective)

Am sure you already know the importance of images, it makes your post look professional, more readable and friendly. Here are ways to optimize your images.

A: Create your own images – 90% of images you use on your posts should be original and always give image credits when you copy an image.

B: Make it search engine friendly by using alt tag and avoid using names like 4850.jpg or image3.jpg on your images, include your keywords in your image name, here’s a good example “Samsung-galaxy-S4.jpg”.

C: Compress your images to avoid increasing your blog load time. If you are on wordpress there are lots of plugins to help you with that, i recommend wp

5. Regular Blog Posting (80% effective)

A post Would be made About This for You to Learn More, Meanwhile You should Know A little Bit why regular Posting Could Help Your Blog Alot

6. Quality Content (100% effective)

Applying these on-page seo techniques on poor-quality posts will yield little or no result. Create quality and original posts, posts that provides useful information and apply the above on-page seo techniques.

Best Off Page SEO Techniques

As i said earlier, off-page seo is done outside your blog, it’s all about promoting and advertising your blog. Off-page seo is mainly concentrated towards creating backlinks. Here are off-page seo techniques that works for me. You already know most if not all of these off-page seo techniques, so i’ll be brief.

7. Social Bookmarking

I bookmark each and every of my post and I recommend you do so. Use top bookmarking sites like, stumbleupon, delicious,, and reddit. You can do a quick Google search to find more high pr social bookmarking sites. Tip: when bookmarking, try changing your anchor text and mix no-follow with do-follow bookmarking sites.

8. Guest Posting

Guest posting doesn’t only create quality backlinks for your blog, it drives targeted traffic. Tip: only guest post to blogs with high pr and good readership.

9. Social Networking

Social networking seems to be the most popular of off-page optimization, even a newbie blogger can advertise and promote his blog on social networks. You can tweet your posts, share it on facebook, there are a lot of ways to promote your blog on social networks and that’s why i love it.

10. Commenting

Blog commenting has always been a good off-page optimization method. Dropping relevant comments on blogs creates backlinks and even traffic. There are blogs that provide no-follow comments while others are do-follow, but i highly recommend you mix both do-follow and no-follow blogs when creating backlinks. So, skip your search for only do-follow blogs and drop relevant comments to any post you find interesting.

11. Directory Submission

You can still gain quality backlinks from link directory sites. I recommend you only go for those that doesn’t require reciprocal links. Below are few link directories to start with (you can do a quick search on Google to find more).

12. Article Submission

I agree this is an old off-page seo technique but it’s still very effective. Submit your original and quality articles to high pr article directories and have quality backlinks pointing to your blog. Tip: always ping your articles once they are approved (using for quick indexing. Below are few top article directories to start with.

13. Forum Posting

Join forums that are related to your niche, add your URL to the resource box, join or open a conversation, help others on topics you understand deeply and gain free quality backlinks and traffic to your blog. Tip: to find forums related to your niche, type “forum+your niche keyword” and search in Google.

14. Press Release Submission

This is a great way to drive huge targeted traffic to your new blog that hasn’t been indexed by search engines. Although Google no longer consider links from press release sites, the traffic it drives is still worth it. There are free and paid press release sites, below are some good ones to start with.

Free Press Release Sites

Paid Press Release Sites

15. Link Exchange

To get the best out of link exchange, you need to exchange links with high pr sites. This is a tough task but it’s really worth it. Find high pr sites related to your niche and request for a link exchange (keep in mind that page ranking is mostly determined by quality backlinks).

16. Submitting To Classifieds

Advertising your website on classified ads sites also helps. Below are few good ones to start with. Tip: always submit your website to relevant categories.

These are the on-page and off-page seo techniques that works. Below is a checklist.

Best on-page seo techniques checklist

Title, meta description, keywords and formatting
URL optimization
Image optimization
Frequent posting
Quality content[/quote2]

Best off-page seo techniques checklist

[quote2]Social bookmarking
Guest posting
Social networking
Directory submission
Articles submission
Forum posting
Press release submission
Link exchange
Submitting to classifieds[/quote2]

By applying the above seo techniques and being consistent, the success of your blog is guaranteed. If your best on-page and off-page seo techniques are not included in my list, recommend them in comment.


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