10 Different Types Of Neighbours. Which IsYours?

6 years ago

Staying in a neighbourhood gives you the chance
to meet different types of people and learning to
deal with them. Below are some different possible
types of neighbours you can have.
1.Parentless kids.
There is always sound of yelling kids from their
house. Their parents are never at home. They are
noise making little beings.
2.The Over-friendly Neighbour
They make your business, their business. You like
it or not. These are typically the neighbours who
will literally stay in your house and wouldn’t even
mind helping you out with your daily chores. They
don’t know where to draw the line and end up
being over friendly. More often than not they
cross the line. These neighbours want to know
everything about you, your family, how much
money you earn every month, where all do you
make investments and you’re spending patterns.
They want to know it all without even once
thinking that these are personal and you are not
comfortable sharing them.
3.The Really Mysterious Neighbour .
There is never any noise coming from his
apartment. However, the only dialogue you ever
had with this type of neighbour probably consists
of “Hello!” and “Nice weather today, huh?” You’ve
probably noticed that the really mysterious
neighbour comes back home either late at night
or early in the morning. And he doesn’t appear to
be drunk which makes things even weirder. You
have no idea where he goes, what he does and
whether you should be worried that he might be
a criminal or not. You better stick to just ‘hello’
when talking to this neighbour and never ask him
anything because you know what happened to
the curious cat, right? It became a victim of its
really mysterious neighbour.
4.The fighting couple.
These neighbours fight with their spouse in the
open and keep throwing offensive words at each
other. They just disturb the peace of the
5.The Copy Cats ? The Me Too Neighbours
If you are noticing a pattern of your neighbours
having the same things you possess from quite
some time now, then you can rule out the option
of it being a sheer co-incidence – it’s called
copying. These are the type of neighbours who
have no clue about what they want to buy and
would just end up buying/doing the same set of
things that you do, just to fit in. They would scan
everything in your home if invited for a chat and
when you go to their house, a replica of it would
be there too.
6.The Constant Borrowers
It’s a pleasant Saturday morning and you hear
somebody knocking at your door. Surprise! The
same neighbour who keeps asking you for
something or the other is here again asking you
for a cup of sugar. These are the neighbours who
make complete utilization of the word “HELP” and
would constantly keep borrowing things from
you. If you have these type of neighbours
consider adding a separate list in your monthly
budget called “Neighbours list”!
7. Alcoholic neighbour.
Someone is knocking at your door and picking
your lock at 1 a.m in the morning? Oh, wait, it’s
just your alcoholic neigbhour who is once again
on the wrong floor. Someone puked on your
doorstep? Who was it this time? – the alcoholic
guy next door.
8. The Party Freaks.
These are most likely young people who love to
go out for parties and always invite their friends
over for a party in their house. The sound of loud
music and loud voices is the proof that they are at
it again.
9.The Problem Creators
These neighbours are just too fussy about
everything you do from moving a chair at your
home to having a social event at your home-every
single thing of your action bothers them and they
are just waiting to gun you down! They are the
ones who are unhappy about everything about
their neighbourhood and would constantly keep
10. The Passive neighbor.
This one is just there. He doesn’t make noise or
look for trouble. He doesn’t seem to have any
problem with anyone and just takes life as it
comes. He's just a jolly good fellow. Most persons
would like to have him as a neighbour.
Which of these portrays your neighbor? Don't
just type the number please! Thank you.
Did not find any description that fits your
neighbour? Feel free to add yours.

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