Queen Elizabeth's Strangest Powers And Privileges

1 year ago


1) She can literally never be arrested.
* she is completely safe from prosecution. Royals are spared from freedom of information,
They aren't required to share any information.

2) She can drive without a license.
* she doesn't legally need a license number. The Queen first learned to drive during WW2, she drove a first aid truck.

3) She doesn't need a passport to travel
* all UK passports are issued in the Queen's name. So, it's pointless for her to have one. But other royal family members need passports. This includes prince Philip and prince charles.

4) She gets to celebrate two birthdays.
* her official birthday is on 21ST April. However, Another celebration is held on second saturday of June. The tradition was started by king George II. It's held in June to provide good parade weather.

5) She has her own private ATM
* it's in the basement of Buckingham palace.

6) She doesn't have to pay tax
* However, she voluntarily from 1992.

7) She owns a lot of animals
* many already know about the Queen's corgi dogs, she also owns the swans in River Thames. She even owns animals in British waters. This includes dolphins, whales and sturgeons.

8) She has her own poet
* her current poet is Coral Ann Duffy. The poet work's typically holds national significance.

9) She is head of a religion
* the Queen is head of the church of England.
She can't convert to any other religion or church. If she does, that title may be revoked.

10) She is the Queen of Australia
she's reinged since February 6, 1952. She is represented by the Governor-General. She's also the monarch of several other countries. Some include Canada, The Bahamas and Barbados.


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