Serious Commotion as Husband Breaks Bottle on Wife's Head Leaving Her with Deep Cuts for Cheating with Three Men (Photo)

3 years ago

A woman was left hospitalized at the Harare Central Hospital in Zimbabwe after she was attacked on Tuesday with an empty beer bottle by her husband for allegedly cheating, H-metro reports.

It was gathered that the woman identified as Placdencia Sori had planned to visit her lover in South Africa after having another quality time with her local lover only identified as Francis, but was left with a deep cut on the head after her husband McDonald Masaga discovered her plans on her WhatsApp conversations.

The husband tracked his wife and caught her in the arms of Francis and assaulted her, drawing attention of people mainly from Glen View 8 Complex.She collapsed and Masaga disappeared from the scene after the arrival of police.

“Ndamuzvambaradza, you can follow her to Harare Central Hospital where she is receiving treatment chikomba chacho chandifonera kuti ndokwavari,” said Masaga.

“She lied to me that she had been invited by her relative based in South Africa and the previous day she went to town and collected R800 she claimed was sent for her transport costs.

“I discovered from her WhatsApp conversations that her boyfriend in South Africa was the one who had sent the money and they were expecting to meet at Beitbridge border post around 3am.

“I went through her mobile phone while she was taking a bath and discovered her illicit affair with Francis as well and their plan to meet at the industrial area to book at a lodge and have s*x before she went to South Africa.

“Francis also wanted his laptop he said belonged to his sister Mai Martin which was being used by my wife for the past year as she claimed that she was a student at Defence College.

“We have two children in the six years of our marriage and I wonder why she decided to cheat on me like that.

“For the past year, Francis was having se_x with my wife and I nearly attacked him as well but I quickly realised that my wife was to blame and I treated her accordingly, call me if you want to hear more about it or even see the love messages I discovered in her mobile phone,” said Masaga.

Placdencia, who claimed to be at Defence College, confirmed cheating with two boyfriends saying she no longer loved Masaga.

“To be honest, I have since lost feelings for Masaga for the past eight months.

“It’s only that he does not want to leave my brother’s house where we are staying,” said Placdencia.

“Masaga is not working and he lied to me that he is under Zimbabwe National Army based at 2 Brigade only to discover that he is unemployed and is a thief.

“I am the one who bought everything in the house including my mobile phone he went away with since I am gainfully employed.

“Francis wanted to meet me for his sister’s laptop I was using during my studies at Defence College but I want to admit that he was once my lover since I was not having s*x with my husband for some time.

“I wanted to meet my current lover in Beitbridge but everything was blown out by Masaga, he is always after my dealings.

“He attacked me while I was with Francis and I want to believe that Mai Martin is the one who tipped my husband since she wanted her laptop.

“Masaga must leave me alone. I do not have feelings for him and he must look for alternative accommodation,” said Placdencia refusing to clear the air on allegations that she is not attached to Defence College.

“I used to take their legal papers for processing since I was working with the lawyers at Defence College,” she said.

Francis told H-Metro that humility saved him from being killed by Masaga saying the latter had two knives readily prepared to stab him if he made any move.

“Wangu I want to thank God that I am alive, I could have been killed by Masaga over his wife and I do not know how he tracked us to that place ndaifira mukadzi wemuridzi; ndapfidza handinyengi mukadzi wemumwe zvakare.

“I begged for mercy claiming that I was not aware that she was married and I disclosed everything humbling myself before six men armed with two knives.

“They disappeared from the scene but they ordered me to make sure that I take Placdencia for treatment.

“I am going to make sure she receives treatment and take her back to their house as ordered to save my life from Masaga. I have since called an ambulance and if they allow me to use my medical aid I will do that,” said Francis.

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