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Dear Friend

If you are any interest in starting a online mini importation business,
what I am going to include in this newsletter will be a very special
and very valuable gift.
I’m going to teach you…
A New, Inexpensive Way To Start a mini importation
Business of Importing quality items online from
U.S., U.K and China and reselling them in Nigeria for
Profit faster Than You Would Ever Believe Possible!
To begin with, let me ask you this question:
Do you know that there are genuine websites where you can import goods
from China, U.K, U.S etc. at 4 times dead cheap prices?
Of course, they are!
In fact, starting with very small capital, you can easily
turn this business of importing items online into
a highly profitable business that generates
N150,000 monthly for you.
But the best part about this mini importation business is that…
- It does not require large capital to start
- It does not need you to own a office or business premises
or any government license before you can operate the business
- There is NO Custom Wahala involved in this business
- Almost anyone can start this mini importation business.
If you are a Teacher, Student, Civil Servant, Business owner,
Unemployed Graduate, Secretary, Youth Corper etc.
You can start this business and turn into an extra
source of income.
Let me share with you how profitable this business
is and why you should start it today , and add it as another
source of extra income…
You see, it’s all about spotting a“hot in demand”
product/good/items that a lot of people want to
buy and then going online to import these items for cheaper
prices and finally reselling it here in Nigeria.
Let me tell you a real life story of one of the items (my student) imported
recently and resold for profits.
Last month, he imported a Michael Kors wrist watch selling for just $12.35
(which is N2,030 when converted to naira) from one of
these secret import portals.
He first imported a sample (1 piece), then gave it to his sister
to help meshowcaseit while she was doing her NYSC (youth service).
BUT I tell you what… Many of her friends became interested in
getting the same wrist watch.
In fact, the demand for the wrist watch became
too much that he decided todo it for
the ladies.
At that time on the import portal, the same Michael Kors wrist watch has
already sold over 1,325 pieces from the Merchant/Supplier!
So he knew it must be a very good product.
Two weeks later, he went back to the online import portal and
ordered for 24 more of the same wrist watches.
He easily sold those 24 pieces at N4,000 each within 10 days.
That is a profit of N1,970 each.
The profit I made from these particular wrist watch is around (24pcs x N1,970) =N47,280.
After deducting expenses like Shippng fees and other logistics…
he was left with profit of about N44,000.
Can you now see the profits inside this business?
Question – What Items Can You Import Online?
The items you can import online are so many and there lots of incredible
products (which are hot in demand). But let me give you a short list of some of the
items you can import from these import portals…
1. Phones (Blackberry, Android, Tablets)
2. Jewelleries (Necklaces, wrist watches)
3. Clothes (T-shirts, Polos, Suites)
4.Digital cameras
5. Phone screen guides
6. Brazilian, Mexican hairs
7. Ladies Sandals
8. External DVD Hard drives
9. Laptops and Laptop accessories (laptop bags, flash drives)
10. Iphones, Ipad, Ipod and MacBook
11. Phone chargers
12. Phone Batteries
13. Ladies Bags
14. Sunglasses
15. Ladies clothing’s (Skirts, gowns)
Question– How Do the Items Get Delivered?
When you import items online it will get delivered via courier
(DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS etc.)directly to your doorstep.
You can also choose free shipping which is delivered via NIPOST.
(any post office nearest to your home or office).
You can even choose another very affordable shipping method where
your goods/items will be delivered in 5 – 10 days directly to your door step.
That is how it works 100% guaranteed.
Question– How Can I Help You Get Started with this same Business?
To help you get started with the mini importation business, I’ve written a brand
new report titled:
Mini Importation Business Guide.
But don’t worry… I intend to give you access to this report for Almost Free.
So at least it will be the most valuable gift you’ve ever received for being on my
internet business list.
Here’s How To Get Your Copy!
Step One:Make a deposit for =N=1,500into my bank account below:
*Fidelity Bank*
Account Name - Chukwu stanley O.
Account Number -6234716417
If u oder within the next 4days,you would received
Immediately after payment send the following details as an sms(not email) to 09030360779.
1. Your Name
2. Email address
3. Teller number
4. Bank Paid to"
As soon as your payment is confirmed, the guide and bonuses would be sent to your emai

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