Man Causes Burns To 2-Yr-Old's Body By Putting Him Into Dryer

6 years ago

An American man has reportedly put the 2-year-old son of his girlfriend into the dryer for clothes and turned it on, causing second degree burns on the child’s back, arms and feet.

Adam Morton holding a baby (not the victim)
Adam Morton allegedly confessed to the action, which landed him at the police station, Daily Mail reports.
The 27-year-old, who was supposed to watch the baby, said he had put the child into the dryer but only for one turn of the machine drum.

WCSH6 provides however with reference to the police documents containing the evidence of Dr. Lawrence Ricci, who carried out independent check of the boy, that “there were lesions on the lower back that looked like they could have been healing burns and incidentally, the two circular lesions correspond to bolts on the inside of the dryer”.
Adam Morton
The expert concluded that the child had been inside for a long period of time while the dryer could be turning.

To enable precise investigation of the case, police took dryer from their house and tested the way it operated.
Police put the machine at “low” level and switched in on for 5 minutes: the temperature reached 125 degrees. In “normal” setting of operation for 3 minutes however, the temperature hit 180 degrees.

When the health representatives came to interview the woman’s other children they allegedly told them that Morton “does mean things” to the 2-year-old.
Another dire story, but already with the tragic ending has recently happened in Russia, when the 19-year-old mom left her 5-month-old baby starve to death while she was partying for 2 weeks.
Alyona Ipatova starved her 5-month-old daughter to death
The woman was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment with hard labour.

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