Big Bo obs cannot stand unless they are fake – Maserati

3 years ago

In this era of packaging, women are constantly taking men for a ride in the way they present their gifts of life, or put more bluntly, their endo wments.

This is a world where you can get whatever you want. Gone are the days women worry themselves over not having what others have. If you have got a small bu tt, you can make it big, very big. Even if your bo obs are small, you can get bigger ones. All comes at a price. It thus becomes confusing to know what is real or not.

This is probably what was on the mind of a Black-American wannabe celebrity who said women who have very big bo obs that stand must have tampered with nature.

The endo wed diva, Maserati, who has been severally questioned over the way she exposes her bo obs, posted on Instagram that women who have big bo obs that stand must have done some treatment on the bo obs. “ Big bo obs just don’t stand unless they are fake,” she asserted in the post.

Or what do you think?

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