Madness? Two Lovers Caught Having Séx On The Street (See Photo)

3 years ago

A drunk couple shocked people after they decided to have sex at a street corner in broad daylight.

The drama occured at Mugodhoyi street in Zimbabwe on Sunday, November 20, after the two drunk lovers tried to have sex at a street corner while people were passing. The incident happened in Zimbabwe. Many believed that the duo thought they were already home and decided to engage in sex.

An eye witness said the man drunk man identified as Lovemore Jiri who works at the Laboritory section Triangle mill, hooked up with a woman identified as Catherine. They went drinking at Tockridge bar before getting drunk and losing control. The two proceeded to Rufaro B compound where they had agreed to have a quickie but could not reach the house they had intended to use. Instead, they decided to use a road billboard at Mugodhoyi street.

Onlookers were shocked as the two lovers began their romp in broad daylight while under the control of alcohol. Onlookers said Jiri, who is married, enjoyed the escapade until he soiled his pant as evidenced by the sight of his dirty inner garment.

“Police must arrest these people. This is real public indecency which can not be condoned’ said a house wife whose house is close to where the two performed.

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