We Did Not Force Chidinma Okeke To Make A Lesbian Sex Tape – ABS Respond To Allegations

3 years ago

Abia State Broadcasting Service (ABS ) director, Mr Uche Nworah has reacted to Miss Chidinma Okeke ’ s allegations that she was pressured into making the now infamous record by organisers of the pageant . Miss Okeke had, in an interview with Nation alleged that the organisers were behind the blackmail video.

In his statement , he says Miss Okeke is lying , everything that happened during her reign were all contractually stipulated , and she may have fallen victim to con men who tricked her into believing that she would win if she made a record . He also added she is a pawn in a ‘ larger politically motivated conspiracy.’

There is an Igbo saying that the more you repeat a lie, at some point people may begin to believe that it is the truth .

On this former Miss Anambra sex scandal, the management of the Anambra Broadcasting Service had previously released a press statement disassociating the organisation from it . We still stand on that statement .

We have also made statements on the matter to the law enforcement authorities . We understand that Miss Chidinma Okeke has also made statements to the law enforcement authorities so we eagerly await their findings.

It is however important that I correct certain statements that are being made on this forum and in other fora especially concerning the interview Miss Chidinma Okeke granted the Nation newspaper today . There appears to be an agenda to push falsehood to the public and in so doing malign me and the Anambra Broadcasting Service over a matter that we know nothing about . It appears that our silence over the matter , except the press statement we issued earlier is now being exploited by those who are bent on using the Miss Anambra sex scandal to settle political scores in Anambra state .

It would also appear that Miss Chidinma Okeke has become a pawn in a larger politically motivated conspiracy.

The ABS as a socially responsible organisation fulfilled to the letter every part of the contract signed with Miss Chidinma Okeke , former Miss Anambra . This includes paying ALL her prize money of the sum of one million Naira only. This was paid in instalments in line with the contract. An initial sum of N 500 , 000 was paid to her after she signed her contract and the balance of N500 , 000 was paid in N50 , 000 instalments over a 10 month period .

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