10 Categories Of Jobs That Can Decrease Your Life Span

4 years ago

Beneath are the categories of jobs that can make you age faster, hence, decrease you expiry date.
Now, lemme keep the ball rolling

Categories Of Jobs That Can Decrease Your Life Span

1. Bricklaying

This should top the list. My research and evidence have shown that this job normally make men age faster. You will see a 40 year old man looking like a sexagenarian. This kind of job will definitely make you age fast and will decrease your life span.

2. Factory Works
I don't think I can ever do this kind of job. I have friends who are into this job. They are always complaining of the unbearable conditions that are attached to the job, even though some of them are highly paid, especially those ones that are on night shift. Sometimes you will see their adverts scribbled on walls, "Factory Workers Needed, N40, 000 per month"

3. Motor Boy (Pure water selling vans)
In the year 2002, I once worked as a motor boy for a pure water company. I almost lost my life to this job. Even though you are ill, it's not an excuse to be absent from work.

4. Cement Offloaders
This work na die. Sometimes, I see some of these workers with two bags of cement on their heads and I begin to wonder if they have fixed shock absorbers to their necks. This kind of job will make you age faster.

5. Refuse and Sewage Works
Even though I can't do this job, I always have compassion on those Abo.kis each time I see them working under intense sun. However, they are always looking so dirty and tattered even after working hours.

6. Faeces Disposing
This remind me when I was working as a faeces packer, I almost lost my life to that job due to the stress associated with it. Both girlfriends and family members always complained of how old I was ageing more than my grandfather. I had no choice other than quit this job when my girlfriend started complaining that I was smelling "poo poo" even after working hours. This job is not the right prospect for a man that wants to live long.

7. Soldier
In recent days, news had it that Boko Haram have been dealing with our soldiers. This job doesn't guarantee a long life

8. Prostitution
A prostitute is a prostitute no matter how we try to embellish it with modernized names such as oloshos, runs babes or whatever. I just pity these hungry bastards who trade their kitty-cats in consideration for money or Iphone6. However, even though these ladies claim that their kitty-cats are well taken care of, I can't imagine myself bleeping them. Even though some of may look prettier than Angelina Jolie, I can assure you that it doesn't make them free from diseases.
The life of both prostitutes and the patronizers are at stake

9. Website Moderating
I always credit the effort of site moderators who are always online at odds hours to moderate and send defaulters to jail even when many of us are already snoring. Sometimes, I ask myself if they ever have time to bleep their girfriends when their girlfriends are dying of konji?"

10. You are expected to add the last one

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