Horrific moment man breaks penis in half during 'vigorous' sex (very graphic photo)

4 years ago

A 32-year-old man from India has described how he heard a ‘snapping sound’ when his penis broke in half during sex. He said he was having ‘vigorous’ sex when he heard the noise and felt severe pain at the same time. By the time he arrived at the hospital in New Delhi for tests, his penis had turned completely black due to excessive blood flow.

Doctors carried out ultrasound tests of the broken penis, which was bent at an unnatural angle.

According to doctors, he suffered what’s known as an ‘eggplant deformity’ that occurred after he snapped one of two tubes – known as corpora cavernosa – that run the length of the penis that make it hard when blood flows through. These two lengths of tissue on either side form the majority of the penis.

When a man gets an erection, blood rushes to the tissue, which makes the penis hard.

During an erection, the penis can fracture if it is hit with blunt force. This can happen during vigorous sex or masturbation. When it snapped,
blood went into the penis causing it to smell, swell and go black.

After scans, doctors rushed him into emergency surgery. The excess blood was drained from his penis before doctors mended the fracture.

Penile fractures can cause other problems in the future.

Those who have suffered fractures often have erectile dysfunction because blood can’t properly flow to the tissue. This is because of the scar tissue that will form as the penis heals.

There is also a possibility that there could be nerve damage.

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